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Care Free Cooking LAB - Virtual Cooking Event

Learn. Act. Become.

Spend the afternoon cooking with friends to create a dish for today, a dish for tomorrow, and a freezer favorite - all during the event!

You've read cookbooks, watched videos, and cooked - a lot.

But you still feel like something's not quite right.

Hint: It's hard to have the confidence you need in the kitchen if you're not sure you are using the correct methods, watching for the right indicators to know what to do next, or even adding ingredients and seasonings at the right time or in the correct amounts for your desires.


More cookbooks, cooking videos and practice just add to the confusion because the options increase and so do the opportunities for costly mistakes.

If you don't know what went wrong, you can't make it right next time.

One of the things I tell all of my cooking students is that cooking is an ongoing learning process because you learn every time you cook. This is actually part of the Care Free Cooks Mission statement. But this is only true if you understand what went wrong and what went right in your cooking. Cooking with others and getting immediate feedback gives you clarity on your cooking.

Good food is too expensive to risk waste.

I teach cooking with the ingredients you want, but most of the time that means whole, fresh foods, which we all know are also the most expensive. Experimentation in the kitchen is fun - and also important for learning, but experimentation without a guide can be risky. When you have a format to follow and can watch that format be demonstrated, experimentation becomes close to risk-free, and the chance for waste (due to incorrect portioning or making mistake)s goes way down.

Without confidence, cooking can be scary and stressful rather than the joy it is for those who feel secure in their knowledge

I see this all the time!

but i've discovered

The way to see real improvement in your cooking with the right advice and visual guides at exactly the moment you need them in your cooking, like if a professional chef was looking over your shoulder as you cooked! 😉

the backstory

When I first transitioned from teaching in-person cooking classes at my Cooking School in Cary, NC to online classes, I thought I had found the perfect solution. I was able to help so many more cooks through online videos vs in-person classes when I could only accommodate a few at a time. The "Care Free Cooking" approach, learning methods to cook vs recipes, worked amazingly well for so many cooks and really helped them expand and improve their cooking skills, and ultimately their lives!

But for some cooks, the self-guided video courses were a great start, but they needed more. They wanted a more customized experience where they were able to get immediate feedback, advice and demonstrations while they were in their kitchen - when they needed it most!

Then, something happened in 2020 and we all got a lot more comfortable having virtual in-person experiences with the help of Zoom. And the Care Free Cooking LAB was born!

I thought we had a great idea, but I have to be honest, I wasn't totally sure how it would work out when we held our first "Learn Act Become" Care Free Cooking LAB Event in December 2021.

  • Would this experience really mimic an in-person cooking class and provide the same benefit to participants?

  • Would people really be able to "cook-along" or would they have trouble keeping up?

  • Will we be able to fulfill the promise of "a dish for tonight, a dish for tomorrow and a freezer favorite in a 3 hour window of time?

Now that we've held a few LABs

I am happy to say the answer to all 3 of those questions is YES!!!!

just imagine

Spend an afternoon cooking with Chef Todd and other care free cooks, and you will end the day with...

  • A Dish for Tonight

  • A Dish for Tomorrow

  • A "Freezer Favorite" for the Future

Take a Look at these Impressive and Inspiring Creations from past LAB Event Attendees:

Here's your chance to create your own inspired dishes for today, tomorrow and beyond.....

Plus gain skills and confidence for many more cooking endeavors that will bring joy into your kitchen instead of stress and frustration!

big benefits

For the price of just one special dinner out, you can gain the skills for many meals, along with an unforgettable cooking experience - right in your own kitchen!

Cook along with Chef Todd and get YOUR questions answered on the spot!

Reap the personalized benefits of an in-person cooking class without having to leave the comfort of your own kitchen, and finish the afternoon with 3 New Dishes ready to serve and enjoy, now or in the future!

Cook along with a virtual community of other cooks and take the journey together!

Enjoy the experience of an in-person cooking class with other cooks! Everyone works together to complete all 3 dishes at the same pace, sharing support, encouragement and ideas along the way!

You will finish the day, not only with 3 completed dishes,

but with the confidence, pride and skills to continue your cooking journey as a more advanced cook.


LAB Event #20

"Fiesta Food From Mexico"


August 26th 12p-3p EDT

Live Interactive Cooking Workshop

on Zoom!

Chef Todd will guide you through the entire process from start to finish in real time through the knife skills needed to prepare ingredients and 3 Mexican Cooking Methods, all with the flavors and flair of a Mexican fiesta!

This is a great way to expand your cooking repertoire, once you learn the foods and procedures for cooking in the fun and flavorful style of the united Mexican states.

Remember that you can always substitute ingredients for those that you desire or are right for your diet, while keeping the same methods that are taught in the class to arrive at YOUR interpretation of the dish. The included class workbook you'll receive as soon as you register will provide lots of substitution ideas!

Your Event Ticket Includes:

3 Hour Live Interactive Cooking Event on Zoom!

Downloadable Workbook with Ingredient lists, suggested alternatives and full instructions so you can prep in advance, follow along and even take notes during the event!

Raise your hand and ask questions during the event so you get the assistance you need right when you need it!

Access to the replay for 15 days after the event!

"Fiesta Food From Mexico"

  • Roasted Molé Method for Pollo Molé Blanco

  • Rolled Tortilla Method for Enchiladas de Carne

  • Veracruz Sauce Method for Camerones Veracruz

LAB #20: Saturday, August 26th at Noon EDT

"Fiesta Food From Mexico"

One Ticket to the LIVE Interactive LAB Event . . . .........................(Value $197)

Workbook with full instructions, ingredient lists and details . . . . . .(Value $47)

Access to the Replay for 15 days to re-watch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $97)

Ability to ask Chef Todd questions in real-time as you cook. . . . . . (Priceless!)

TOTAL VALUE = ($341+)

Today's Price = $99


The Roasted Molé Method

Featuring Pollo Mole´ Blanco

"Uliche" is the pre-Hispanic dish from the Tabasco region of Mexico. It was consumed by the indigenous people living along the Gulf Coast and is also an example of a white molé, which most Americans have never seen or tasted. Where black molé ́s use cocoa for a dark color and deep flavor, moleé blancos use white corn masa as a thickener and coloring agent.

Rolled Tortilla Method

Featuring Enchiladas de Carne

Rolling a corn tortilla around fillings is a Mexican culinary practice since Aztec times. Living in the high plateau of the Valley of Mexico, surrounded by mountains and volcanos, the Aztecs had a fertile environment for growing corn to create tortillas. Their diet was mostly fruits and vegetables, making the unleavened corn bread a necessity to transport and preserve foods.

Veracruz Sauce Method

Featuring Camerones Veracruz

The state and city of Veracruz holds some of the most exciting and varied styles of cooking in Mexico. The flavors are vibrant and spicy, using tomatoes, peppers, and local fish to create the unique tastes from the Spanish, Cuban and African influences to the food.


Space is Limited and Registration Closes Soon...

Because this is a LIVE Event, registration closes the day before so we have time to focus on the event itself and provide the best possible experience for LAB attendees.

And because this is on Zoom and meant to be interactive, space is limited to ensure the best LAB experience for all!

they said

Some notes from past LAB attendees about the event

jane awesome

acme co.

Paced fast enough to follow along but not be boring!

"Just finished participating in the care free cooks LAB - Pre Party Prep. What a fantastic session. Three menus to prepare that are so versatile that future cooking will definitely lead to exploring flavors.

We cooked Spanakopita, Aloo Tikki, tart crust filled with lime custard.

I will definitely be joining these sessions again. I am a hands on learner and this was paced fast enough to follow along but not be boring. #cheftoddmohr you are a great instructor and I’m so glad to be part of this community."

jane awesome

acme co.

A lot of fun and the reward was new ideas that I know I can put together with any ingredients I like!

"I am so glad I attended the first ever Care Free Cooking Lab! I was concerned that I wouldn't make it through the whole three hours on my feet but I did. I can't wait until Chef Todd holds another one of these Cook-A-Longs. It was a lot of fun and the reward was new ideas that I know I can put together with any ingredients I like."


I have learned how to make a huge variety of small-batch soups with the methods we learned!

I learned a lot! The little tips and tricks joined with the main lesson made it a great educational experience. It was also great seeing some faces to match the names we see in posts. I gave most of the Philly Cheesesteak soup to my son for lunch. After about 5 minutes, he came up to me and said, "This is the best soup you've ever made." In the past, most of my soup making was limited to large batches of basic chicken or turkey soup. Now, I have learned how to make a huge variety of small-batch soups with the methods we learned. I look forward to adding many more soups to my personal menu.

Nicole Marie

I was able to create the dishes from the replay!

"My phyllo dough wasn’t thawed in time for Saturday’s Lab, so I made the spanakopita tonight while watching the video replay. It was so delicious! I made the tzatziki sauce during class on Saturday and it got EVEN TASTIER after being in the refrigerator overnight! My spanakopita might look a little too golden brown but they taste great! My Greek friends will be so impressed!"

LAB #20: Saturday, August 26th at Noon EDT

"Fiesta Food From Mexico"

One Ticket to the LIVE Interactive LAB Event . . . .........................(Value $197)

Workbook with full instructions, ingredient lists and details . . . . . .(Value $47)

Access to the Replay for 15 days to re-watch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $97)

Ability to ask Chef Todd questions in real-time as you cook. . . . . . (Priceless!)

TOTAL VALUE = ($341+)

Today's Price = $99